About us-two

Our Beginnings: 

Hi, My name is Matt Epstein and I am the creator and Co-founder of Loversentiment. I created Loversentiment because I was sick and tired of giving the same generic “gifts” to my girlfriend which required no thoughtfulness.

I knew that there had to be a more unique and heartfelt way to gift. I called up my best friend George Lebberes and we got to work, ultimately Co-founding Loversentiment.


After 9 months of tinkering and prototyping we stumbled upon the lovebox! I gave our first prototype to my girlfriend and her reaction was priceless (you can watch it below).

Where We Are Now:

Since then we have served over 8,000 customers in over 40 countries! 

We are two best friends living our dream of owning a small business. Loversentiment is USA owned and operated with our headquarters and wear house in Westchester, New York. 

We are dedicated to serve our customers. Our mission is to create 100,000 unique moments, (ones like my girlfriend and I had when I gifted our Lovebox prototype!) :)